Kate Walters

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm a back-end developer and cat lover based out of Austin. I'm someone who is obsessed with figuring out the answer, loves working either completely alone or immersed in a team (there is no in between), and needs my code to be as readable by the average human as possible. I regularly pay too much for fancy coffee and accidentally make too many friends. Ask me about Rails, SQL, and JavaScript and I'm all yours.


Listless is a to-do list app geared towards people with mental illness, but anyone can use it. Users rank their lists on a difficulty scale of 1-5 and the app suggests lists based on how the user is feeling, and allows tasks to be broken down into the smallest components possible. The app uses Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, AJAX, and SQL.

FileShare is an app created by a small team of four back-end developers as part of a week-long exercise in working directly with a client business. This app allows the business's employees to upload and view business notes and photos. Viewing, editing, and uploading privileges are restricted only to employees who are granted partial or full authorization for any particular set of documents. In addition to authorization, this app features recursion, keyword searching, team creation, and testing.

Best In Show (aka Hot Dog or Not Dog) is a ranking app built in Week 5 of a 12 week immersive coding course. This app was a team project in conjunction with two front-end students. Users can submit their own dogs with pictures and a description and all users can rank the dogs head to head. These dogs are all real dogs with descriptions from their owners, and they show up in order of how many votes they have. All data was provided by me, and I used Rails and SQL to build this app.